I’m an associate professor at the University of Ottawa Department of Economics. My research interests are in Social Choice and  Matching Theory.



Why “Dosamobile”? Because I’d like to own one some day.


Published in peer-reviewed journals

“Strategy-Proof Exchange under Trichotomous Preferences,” forthcoming, Journal of Economic Theory. (With Alexander Westkamp)

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“Learning Matters: Reappraising object allocation rules when agents strategically investigate,” 2018, International Economic Review 59, 557-592. (With Patrick Harless)

“Implementation in stochastic dominance Nash equilibria,” 2017, Social Choice and Welfare 48, 5-30 (special issue of in honor of William Thomson). (With Eun Jeong Heo)

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“Two School Systems, One District: What to do when a unified admissions process is impossible,” 2016, Games and Economic Behavior 95, 25–40. (With Bertan Turhan)

“Efficient and strategy-proof social choice when preferences are single-dipped,” 2014, International Journal of Game Theory 43, 579–597.

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“When too little is as good as nothing at all: Rationing a disposable good among satiable people with acceptance thresholds,” 2012, Games and Economic Behavior 74, 576–587.

“Dynamics of the presidential veto: a computational analysis,” 2008, Mathematical and Computer Modelling 48, 1570–1589. (With John Duggan and Tasos Kalandrakis)